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Will stands for the Law as written and ALL of the Bill of Rights and freedoms afforded Americans


Will Stands for and salutes the Flag. He has pledged his life to its defense and understands that the American flag is viewed worldwide as a symbol of Freedom, Prosperity and Equality. As a Veteran he understands and supports or military.


Will stands with public servants who place their life on the line each day to protect our communities.


Will stands for school choice and education vouchers which create completion and will create better learning opportunities for ALL of our communities children.


Will stands for lower taxes and fiscal responsibility in government. He understands the value of work, risk and reward. Freedom is not gained through free things it is gained through persistence and sometimes sacrifice.


Will stands for life – at every stage. He believes “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” belongs to ALL Americans, not just the chosen. His business mission statement is “Providing Liberty & Dignity Through Service” protection of society’s most vulnerable is of utmost importance.


Will stands for natural resources and the protection of our environment. He believes there are proven methods of prosperity and maintaining protection measures, in order to have energy independence.


Will stands for managed land development.

Farmers are a vital part of our rural communities and growth benefits must be weighed against loss of irreplaceable natural treasures

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