Why are you getting involved in politics?

First, I am not a politician, I am a Father, Soldier and Business owner. I am going to Lansing to make a difference. It is about “we the people” not me the people. The past two years we have seen what an overreaching state and federal bureaucracy can do to our economy, I believe we need non-politicians in Lansing to bring common sense to the table.


Are you Pro-life?

Yes – Natalie and I have nine children, I think that proves I am. I also believe every life deserves to be respected and by decree of our founding documents deserves the opportunity of “Life Liberty & the Pursuit of happiness”.


What will be the first thing you do if elected?

Thank God for the opportunity and the citizens who elected me. After that I will quickly learn how to get involved in Lansing and get to work.


Why do you believe you have what it takes?

During my 30 year military career, and nine years owning a business, I have demonstrated the ability to work with everyone for the purpose of success. As a Chief Warrant Officer I took teams of very diverse Soldiers and through congeniality and respect completed missions successfully. As a business owner, I treat the entire team of employees with respect, even when there are differing opinions, respect goes a long way


What are the ages of your children?

The youngest is 2 ½ and the oldest is 22


What is your favorite hobby or activity?

I like to do woodworking or small construction projects, or playing tickle monster with the kids.


How long have you lived in the district?

I have resided in Erie since 2001. I am a life-long Monroe County resident, prior to moving to Erie I lived in Maybee and Carleton.


What are your ambitions?

My ambition is to get things done, outside that I have no aspirations for higher office. Most politicians want something more, I simply want to represent my family and community through my service. I believe we need people in Lansing that are connected to the communities that they serve. I have a lot at stake, with young children, a business and this drives me to not think of myself but the ones I am serving.


What is you view on taxes?

I believe as a tax payer we deserve a good return on investment (ROI) for our tax dollars. I believe taxes should be lowered and should be equitable. I believe the ROI on education taxes the past few years have been incredibly inadequate, which is why I support competition through school choice and individual vouchers where the tax dollars follow the child, not vice versa.


How will you get involvement from the communities?

I will hold meeting with the communities where they are. I will hold coffee sessions in small businesses which will benefit those small shops as well as provide valuable feedback to the people of these communities.