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     Natalie and I met at Northland Baptist Bible College, in WI and were married in 1998. Natalie is originally from Willmar, MN and together we are raising nine children: Gregory, Zechariah, William Jr (Pudge), AnaElise, Alice, Hancock, Leland, Avonlea and Standish. 


      We initially lived in Maybee and Carleton then in 2001 we moved to Erie. Erie has been our home since and is a wonderful community to raise our six boys and three girls. We attend church at Carleton Community Baptist and have been quite involved in the activities and seek to make a positive difference each day.


      I have been in the Army since joining in high school in 1992. Since the devastating attacks of 9/11, I have been mobilized and deployed to combat zones four times: Iraq 2003-04; Iraq 2009-10; Afghanistan 2014-15; Iraq/Syria 2020-21. This has not been easy, however the mission of a citizen soldier never has been. We as a family have had many ups and downs because of this particular commitment, but it has also solidified both our faith and commitment to duty and each other.

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