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William Bruck

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Served our Country, Serving our Community

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                   Thank you and welcome to Bruck4MI website. It is an honor to be the Michigan House of Representative for District #30. The newly defined 30th district is a diverse group of communities including: Bedford and the southern half of Monroe County, Monroe Charter Township, the City of Monroe east of Telegraph Road, Detroit Beach and communities in Lenawee County (Deerfield, Britton and part of Blissfield)



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I believe a diverse district requires diverse capabilities and skills. I look forward to representing all the communities in the district and serving together in Lansing.

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Will Bruck is one of the finest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet and work with. Every day he demonstrates his passionate love and selfless commitment to his family, community, small businesses, our great nation, and his customers whom he faithfully serves as the owner of Visiting Angels of Monroe. This community-focused chamber member and leader sacrificed everything he holds dear to bravely answer the call of a grateful nation and serve in America's military overseas several times. And now, he is standing up and answering the call of his community and country once again. Bravo Will. The people of Monroe County will be tremendously served by this amazing American Patriot.”   ~ Ron Hinrichs

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Todd Marshall

“Outstanding! Couldn’t think of any better representation than a family man who served and worked his whole life with his hands!” 

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James Sweat

“Glad to see veterans get more involved with politics in these times. We Vets need more voice! Thank you and good luck serving in another role to help the country be the finest country in the world. Godspeed brother.”

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Susan Cobello

“Oh how awesome!! So happy for you and for us💗BRAVO!! Please let me know if I can help in any way.



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